TheatrePLAY! develops theatre programs specific for the needs of your school, We are a cooperative of committed actor/teaching artists who all grew up in community theatre programs, trained as professional actors with careers that we are proud of and have worked extensively with children's theatre organizations. We want to pass on the skills that are built by ensemble theatre training; nothing beats theatre training for developing the skills that you use your whole life in ANY arena! Our workshops are fun, interactive, physical and we organically incorporate state arts/dance/music standards, not to mention connect the work we do to science, language arts and math. 

Ways that other schools have used us:  

6-week workshops: Meeting all grade level classes one day per week 

One-Day: Assembly Workshops  

After-school: Enrichment Programs 

Voice and Speech: Workshops during play productions

with support during rehearsals and performance

Crystal Robbins

Crystal Robbins is an actress, voice-coach, theatre educator, & mom, who has worked in children’s theatre since she was 8. She works with kids in theatre productions in Burbank schools and was one of the founding directors of BYSTI- Burbank Youth Summer Theatre Institute at Woodbury University, Starlight Bowl  and First Academy Burbank, where she has team-directed 40+ kids each summer from 7-16 yrs old in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, The Comedy 0f Errors, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet and recently, The Tempest. She directed James & The Giant Peach at Santa Monica College in 2012 & specializes in voice and movement & ensemble theatre work at SMC and UCLA Extension She just finished two years as the Artist in Residence Vocal Coach for Burbank High School Drama Department, on a grant from the Burbank Arts For All Foundation. Finally, she has taught for three summers with the Lessac Institute at Depauw University, IN, teaching teachers how to incorporate voice and movement into their classes. Crystal is a Master Teacher with the Lessac Institute.


Robin Parrish

Robin Parrish is an actor, educator, community builder and musician who grew up amidst theatre and music in The Cotswolds, England. Classically trained at the Guildford School of Acting, he has worked extensively with children in the UK, has led theatre workshops for children aged 5 - 16, directed short performances on summer programs at The Tom Thumb Theatre and coordinated numerous educational events for the British storytelling company Scandalmongers. His theatre work with children is immersive and draws upon a wide range of worldly theatrical styles and techniques, as well as incorporating mindfulness training, physical theatre and musical instruments. He is also a Founder and the Managing Director of Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles (EDLA), a community based free-form dance gathering event for all ages which meets regularly in West Los Angeles. Robin is passionate about eduction and the value of the arts in schools, and has thoroughly enjoyed his past 5 years with TheatrePLAY. He recently completed a Teaching Artists intensive training with the Actors Fund and Music Centre supported by Sony Entertainment.   



Additional experienced children’s teachers are hired as needed