Children’s Theatre is an invaluable experience for the young person. It builds confidence, self-expression, and use of voice & body dynamics to communicate with creativity and awareness. TheatrePLAY! is made up of local theatre teaching artists committed to providing theatre/dance/mindfulness in the classroom for your students. Our program was developed at Elementary Schools in Burbank, California, where we have provided workshops over the past ten years.

Our most popular offering

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TheatrePLAY’s In School Theatre Class - 6 weeks

For One Grade Level

One Day a Week for One Hour Per Class 

Preferred: Use of School Auditorium

Price: Please contact us here to enquire


Concepts of the Stage (through games & participatory whole-body involvement), foundational concepts for projection  (CA Theatre Standards 1.1)

Theatre Games that build Community, Improvisation & Team-building (CA Dance Standards 2.7, 2.8, Theatre Standards 2.1, 2.2)

Acting: Finding character through body, voice & imagination (Theatre Standards, 2.1, 2.2)

Creating a theatre piece and rehearsing with extravagance!  Exploring with big voice, full body & imagination in your Devised Theatre Performing Event

               (Music Standards, 1.5, 2.1 & 2.4, Theatre 2.1, 2.2)

Applying weeks 1-4 to Devised Theatre Performing Event (Theatre 2.1, 2.2)

Rehearsing Devised Theatre Performing Event (Theatre 4.2) or showcasing to invited guests.

(Optional) Demonstration for parents in auditorium, show mom and dad how you warm up voice and body and run your Devised Theatre Performing Event, it’s showtime, folks!  (Theatre Standards, 4.2)

Week 1:  


Other possibilities

TheatrePLAY! After School Theatre Class Enrichment

- 6 weeks -

An after school offering similar in scope to the in-school offering.

Minimum 10, maximum 25 students. 


TheatrePLAY! Before, After or In-School. English for the Non-Native speaker

- 6 weeks - 

This theatre/rhythm/music experience helps the acquisition of Standard American Speech production.  Perfect for the non-native speaker.  Lessac Training’s unique kinesthetic approach to voice and speech through the Consonant Orchestra makes phonics fun and easy.  We will teach your kid how to feel where the sound is musically produced in a theatrically fun way.

Minimum 10, maximum 25 students.


*New - TheatrePLAY! Moves!

- 6 weeks - 

A variation of the theatre training that incorporates movement/dance based training and mindfulness, culminating in a movement piece. In partnership with Ecstatic Dance LA. $2400 for one grade level.

*New - TheatrePLAY!  Rhythm and Song

- 6 weeks - 

A variation created for the K-2 classroom that incorporates musicality and rhythm, using age appropriate VAPA standards. $2400.00 for one grade level.

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